19 April, 2010 : Tourists from China are Everywhere!



Tourists from China are already a common sight, they are likely to be like the Japanese in the 1980s but in bigger numbers. I think this is a good thing, Chinese seeing more of the world and are well off enough to do so. I was in Australia recently and the Australians think that the Japanese tourists are back!

Today, I got an email from Uncle Zhang Rongrong, who said he will be traveling with his wife to Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam and they plan to cover these 3 countries in 10 days! I hope they have time to have dinner at our home in Kuala Lumpur, which I have invited them to. Days when I am frustrated with my granddad's project, I think of Uncle Zhang. He has been such a kind and helpful person. I feel grateful for meeting him and of course I would not have met him if not through my granddad's project.

I can only wonder what my granddad's friendship was like with his father and how as young men, they must have had so much fun together. Uncle Zhang spoke about how his father would have some money from cartooning, they would all go and have a good meal and even go dancing.

So when thinking about Uncle Zhang today, I also thought of the hoard of tourists that will travel and I hope among them would be ink painters that would continue to paint foreign scenes in Chinese ink and brush, such as these samples of Thailand that my granddad did in the 1950s.