26 August, 2010 : Chinese Cartoonists


In my journey to understanding my granddad's life, I finally managed to find links to his friends. Its like having an extended family one did not know about. Here is a picture of Uncle Zhang (and a BIG Haagen Daz Mango drink), whose dad, Zhang Leping must have been such good friends with my granddad such that they could have joint cartoons that made fun of each other.

Aunty Li, is the daughter of Wang Zimei and her story is alot sadder, her father did not do anymore cartoons after the cultural revolution and in fact destroyed all of his works such that she is now working hard to retrieve images through old magazines.

Grandpa Fang Cheng is in great shape! he still smokes, has a great memory, he went to the same university as my grandmom and remembered her name as well. He said he met my granddad in 1942 as he took Huang Yao around Leshan, I also have a sketch he did of my granddad, sketching life in Chongqing. I need to post that soon, it’s a view of my granddad I do not know so well, as he seemed to be wearing a large western overcoat and was already chubby.

Grandma Ding is the widow of Ding Cong, she is very jovial and in good spirits. She is a very humorous person and is still traveling the world. Lovely, warm and welcoming, she was a bit embarrassed about the mess in her home (stacks of books) but I reassured her that it was similar in our home.

Grandpa Huang Miaozi. He is originally from Canton and we spoke in Cantonese together. He seemed well enough to be doing calligraphy and talked alot about his fund raising from his artworks for charity. He and Grandma Ding still get together from time to time for meals, the last remaining of their generation.

I was very happy to meet all of them, they reminded me of my own granddad. The books piled up high in a typical scholar home, sometimes the smell of pine ink, their generosity and just the kindness in their eyes.