17 Nov, 2009 : China cartoonists in the 1930s and 1940s


Here is another item that we found recently.

This image, I have seen often in black and white, reprinted many times over in magazines about old cartoonists. This colored one, which is precious and beyond what I can imagine from the black and white image is from a contact at the British Museum. They now have probably the largest collection of print material from the 1930s and 1940s outside of China. They have invited me to come and see the material when I am next in London and it is on my to do list...

The cartoon is by Wang Zimei of cartoonists mountaineering in Chongqing. I think they all kind of met up in Chongqing after leaving Shanghai, each taking different routes, Huang Yao traveled upriver into the interior with the writer Zhang Henshui. I think I read that Zhang Leping went via Guilin and then Guiyang as I believe his wife is from Guilin.

My grandfather is the guy in the middle with the big grin.

I am very happy to see stuff of my granddad that we the family have never yet seen before. This month has been a lucky month, we have many images coming in, sometimes almost daily. It makes me hopeful that in my lifetime I may see the bulk of his works, which we are still missing.