1979 Joy in Painting and Appreciation of Paintings


Joy in Painting and Appreciation of Paintings



Whenever Huang Yao felt tired in painting,  He would choose to leisurely paint children at play.  ‘I merge with the painting and return to my childhood. I let my brush follow my mental picture and play like a child on paper. The children at play are usually active, moving their arms and legs. I  would drop my brush, get up and jump around a bit, relax my muscles, stretch my arms. Some-times I just forget who I am and look like I have gone mad! (Often artists, writers, thinkers, are regarded as "strange", because of this.) No one knows that, at times like this I am as happy as an immortal. Although immortals do not exist, in real life this happy state is definitely achievable. All you need to do is to ‘forget yourself’ in calligraphy and painting, it is not too diffi-cult.’ (Huang, 2000 Painting of Children at Play)

Look at the children in the picture, can you feel their joy? This is one of the paintings that made Huang Yao ‘dance’.

From his own experience, he wrote: ‘…For those who like to paint, you should try drawing children for fun. As you wish, you can add bright colors to please yourself. These paintings make good presents for both young and old. The children in your painting can be real or imagi-nary as long as they are drawn to be lively. If you find it difficult to draw active children, try using your own children or your neighbor’s as models and paint leisurely and freely. Naturally, you will come to forget yourself. Then it is a return to the innocence and you will feel as happy as an immortal!’ (Huang, 2000, Painting of Children at Play) 


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