1980s Many Falling Flowers




In the last years of his life, he was still actively painting and exploring new grounds. He started to experiment with painting on tiles with a few young friends who were into pottery art. It was not easy to paint on unbaked tiles, as they are smooth and slippery. But he managed to master the technique required. They produced many tiled paintings, had exhibitions and in general had a fun  time. This is one of the tile paintings of that period. The title ‘Many Falling Flowers’ shows a small child who is thrilled to catch with his hands some of the flowers that are falling.

Huang Yao had written that, ‘to be an artist is not easy, one must know calligraphy and painting as skills, with literature and philosophy as foundation to add depth to paintings. A successful artist must not lose his childlike innocence, which is the innate true quality of a person. With the child’s innocent heart, one has the purest form of character that can then produce the best in art. There is no other secret’ (Huang, 2000, Mi Dian Worshipping Rocks). Huang Yao had maintain his childlikeness till the end of his life.


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