1974 to 1981 Coloured Calligraphic Wenzihua


Here, Huang Yao not only did not confine himself to using black ink exclusively for the writing of the characters, he wrote them freely and spontaneously often in great speed so much so that the characters are no long in the typical vertical position nor are they about the same size. The first two paintings are in red and black. Expert Chinese painters are able to use wet, dry, thick, thin and overnight ink to show 'five colors'. Some of them for variety add a bit of red which is attractive and easily available as the color for the seal, to their paintings. Huang Yao had many of his painting in just these two colors. In one of the paintings- Gao Guo, red and blue besides black were used to write as well as to highlight the characters. In the last painting Huang Yao wrote the Tang poem in a naive, clumsy childlike style, with chinese brush and ink, added some colors and the result is this attractive piece of work, which many viewers find difficult to read.

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Coloured Calligraphic WenzihuaColoured Calligraphic WenzihuaColoured Calligraphic WenzihuaColoured Calligraphic Wenzihua



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