13 March, 2011 : Gifts from friends of Niubizi Sketches


wu hao ran sketch of niubizi



Qiu Guoguang Sketch

I received these two images from people I met on this journey. Mr. Wu sent me an ink painting of Niu Bizi with a mini Niu Bizi all framed up. Mr. Qiu sent me this black and white sketch of Niu Bizi in a car driving I guess, me…. Which is quite flattering since, I don’t think anyone has ever given me a sketch of myself. I do remember the times when I was a child and my grandfather drove me around. I would see the back of his head, those days we didn’t have car seats, it must have been a lot more stressful to drive noisy, active kids.

So I was quite inspired by the painting from Mr. Wu last year and started to teach my kids to draw using Niu Bizi’s 1 big circle, 5 smaller circles and they picked it up quite fast. I noticed recently that my son’s workbook, they required him to draw himself and he drew Niu Bizi in the box!


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