27 March, 2011 : Reading about interior China in 1940


two kinds of time by Graham PeckI just got a book in the mail from amazon.com. Its called “Two Kinds of Time” by Graham Peck. I am quite excited about the book as Peck knew my grandfather, he wrote the introduction to two of Huang Yao’s books. His book details his second trip into China in 1940 and he did sketches so his book is peppered with sketches and drawings. I am up to the part where he describes Liuzhou in 1940, my granddad was there in 1944.

Before this I didn’t know much about Liuzhou, it seems like a small town now. But then it was the meeting point of transportation between Guiyang and Guilin and also the Burma highway. Peck describes also the air raids and how people evacuate the city. I think I understand now some of the other cartoons from Chinese People in Wartime.

This is such a treat and I am only at the beginning of the book… I wonder if he will write about meeting my grandfather?


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