1944 Refugees from Guangxi to Guizhou


One has to cross Jinchengjiang to get from Guangxi’s Liuzhou to get to Guizhou. One has to pass through “Du Yun” and “Du Shan”. Both these places I have been through during  the retreat from Guilin on this road of hell. I had seen with my own eyes, the chaos at Jinchenjiang, like an ant nest set on fire, tremendous chaos in the dark night. A transport lorry going over three people and nobody cared. The refugees carried a lot of valuables and their wives and children, but some could not even care for their children that they had to throw them into the river. The Japanese advanced faster than the refugees and they were marching ahead of the refugees. There were all sorts of things happening, I can still see the scene today.

“Du Shan” is a small place known for its production of acid (used in bleaches). I stayed at the Bank of China’s branch and an old friend that was building the railroad, holding a railroad lantern, with a walking stick, came looking for me. I felt the value of the warmth of friendship.


Download PDF: Manhua Guiyang (in Chinese)


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