September 21 1944 Huang Yao’s son is born


Huang Yao

Huang Yao’s only child, Huang Yan was born in the public hospital in Guiyang. Huang Yao did not see him as he was having an exhibition in Kunming. He wrote about his experiences in Kunming in an article, ‘Yunnan de Gao Yingkui Kuenzhong’ (Yunnan’s Patriotic Military Leader and his brother), where he also mentions his son’s birth. He is likely to have returned to Guiyang in October and within the month, they were on the run again as the Japanese were advancing towards Guiyang. They traveled by truck and Huang Yao describes balancing a box of condensed milk he bought in Kunming for his son on his lap.


Source: Oral accounts of Huang Yao and Huang Yan.

Download PDF: Yunnan's Patriotic Military Leader and His Brother (in Chinese)



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