1942 Liu Xiyi Salt King of Guiyang


Photo from Google Images


He came to all of my 3 exhibitions in Guiyang and bought some paintings. He was the richest and a very generous man in Guizhou. He was plump, looked kind of like the laughing Buddha or monk with the cloth sack.

Although he was the salt king, he was not 'stuck-up'. He liked to make friends with artists. He wanted to treat me to a banquet but when I declined he took me to eat the famous Guiyang 'fast food'. 

I learned a couple of Miao sentences from him. I read and knew about the tradition of “dancing under the moon” where the young men and women meet, much like the beach parties for today's young people. Liu Xiyi gave me a silver Miao bracelet, the carving was lovely. I had a painter friend Ni Yide who was passing through Guiyang and heading to Chongqing. I tied a red satin ribbon on the bracelet and requested he sent it to another painter friend who was getting married.


Download PDF: Salt King of Guiyang (in Chinese)


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