1942 Friends in Guiyang - Xie Liuyi



Although huang Yao was famous as a cartoonist, he was by profession a journalist in both Shanghai and Chongqing. In Guiyang he met many of his friends from his Shanghai, journalist days. In particular his old friend Professor Xie Liuyi from Fudan University, Shanghai. Huang Yao wrote that:

“During the war, University Daxia had moved to Guiyang. Here I met Wu Daquan, Ou Yuanhuai, Zhou Yichun and Wang Boqun. Also met my old friend Xie Liuyi. Wang Yaming, Yan Shenyu who were then in Guiyang newspapers, Bu Shaofu was working as editor.

Xie Liuyi was teaching in Shanghai and working at the Libao newspaper editing [a column called], “Yanlin”. At Beibei (Fudan University), I met Wu Lifu and Xie Liuyi. Xie was in faculty of Art, while Wu was the head of journalism department. Xie invited me to give a talk in his department. When I met him again in Guiyang, he headed the Arts faculty and also the Chief Editor of Wentong Publishing House. He was one of the first to introduce Japanese literature to China. The result [of all these friendships] I was interested to stay in Guiyang to work on Manhua Guiyang.”


Download PDF: Manhua Guiyang (in Chinese)


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