November 29 1942: Donation – Manhua Guiyang


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I drew a set of “Guiyang Cartoons”. Because the Guiyang City Government was promoting literature and art, they wanted this set to be kept permanently at the public education center and would be exhibited once a year with free admission for Guiyang residents.

Originally they wanted to pay me, I declined the payment. Leaving the paintings at Chen Hengan’s home, I then left Guiyang for Guilin. I did not expect that the Guizhou authorities were serious about trying to convince me to live in Guiyang and were prepared to give me a piece of land to build a house in the famous suburb of “Hua Xi” as a thank you gift for the paintings. Instead I asked them to build an art museum, little did I know that my idea was to become reality.

The art museum was opened on October 10, 1943. It was between the science museum and the library, together the buildings formed the cultural center of Guiyang. The first art museum director was Chen Hengan.

Huang Yao also writes, ‘later, the big retreat from Guilin back to Guiyang (1944), I stayed for a while in the upper floor of the art museum. The art museum was ready on the10th of October, 1943. In the chaos of the retreat from Guilin, I had gotten married and my wife was pregnant with my son. My son was later born in a hospital in Guiyang’.

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