1942 and 1944 Guiyang


Gui Yang Cartoons

During the 8 years of War of Resistance, Huang Yao was in Guiyang for only a total of about half a year while he was in Chongqing for almost 5 years, in Guilin for one and a half years.  However, among his writings, he wrote 2 articles on Guiyang but only briefly mentioned Chongqing and Guilin. The first time in Guiyang in 1942, he stayed for 3 months and had 3 exhibitions before leaving for Guilin.

He left Guilin in 1944 because of Japan's invasion of the southern coast of China. Then he stayed in Guiyang's Art Center which he had contributed towards its building. There was an exhibition in July and later in September his son was born.  The reason he gave for his fondness of Guiyang was because of friendships.

In Guiyang, he met many of his old friends from Shanghai, Chongqing and Guilin again.  He also made many new friends while in this city. Friendship was precious to him not just because of the war but especially after the truck accidents that he had on his trips between Guiyang and Kunming. 

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