September 1942: 100 Shou Paintings


100 Shou

Exhibition of ‘100 Shou Paintings’, there could have been copies as it is noted that the paintings were printed and published by Wentong Book Publishing. The ‘100 Shou’ is a long continuous cartoon, painted in the summer of 1941 by Huang Yao at Ermei Mountain. The hundred ‘Shou Immortals’ were in various positions, such as standing, sitting, lying down, all humorously displayed. They were drawn using simple calligraphy strokes, encompassing the spirit of both Tang and Yuan painters. Wentong Book Publishing House reproduced them from the original in color and in four separate pieces. This exhibition was Niubizi’s first encounter with the people of Guiyang and the people of Guiyang fell in love with his works.

So far, no copy of the '100 Shou Paintings' have been found. It cannot be confirmed whether the faces of the ‘Shou Immortals’ were that of the cartoon character Niubizi, nor can it be confirmed if these are cartoons or Chinese ink paintings. After Huang Yao retired in 1973, one of the first series of paintings he did were the paintings of 100 Shou. They were not cartoons. His Shou paintings were lively, active happy old men.


         Back cover of Manhua Guiyang. 

Note:The above Image contributed by Ms. Olivia Su, an undergraduate student from Hong Kong University’s Art History department, and the successful applicant of the Huang Yao Foundation grant. 


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