September 7 1942: Marriage of Huang Yao to Zheng Baolin



Wedding B&W

Huang Yao married Zheng Baolin of Anhui Tongchen, a law graduate from Wuhan University.

In a letter from Zheng Baolin’s father dated 10 October 1942 to her, he wrote that he was glad to know of their marriage on 7 September in Guilin.

The celebration of the weeding was held at Lequnshe (a place where people of the arts would gather), Guilin and was well attended by friends, fellow artists and writers. This event was recorded in the Guiyang Archives as happening at year-end of 1942.

Zheng Baolin did mention that they had their honeymoon in Guilin and they likely spent time in a military base in the mountains.

Huang Yao did write that he was married in Guilin ‘in the midst of chaos’.

It is likely that after Huang Yao had registered his marriage in Guilin and announced to their parents, he left for Guiyang to have 3 exhibitions from September to November of 1942. He was in Chongqing on the 8th of December of 1942 and then returned to Guilin for the wedding celebration.

In Guilin, they lived at Yueyashan (Crescent mountain) and were neighbors with Zhao Shaoang. He was also in contact with Tian Han, Liu Yazi, Xu Beihong, Yin Shoushi, Xiong Foxi, Duanmu Hongliang and others.

Later in 1944, Huang Yao left two sets of woodblock prints and other art works in Lequnshe which were all destroyed in a bombing.


Source : Chen Jiying – Ji Huang Yao (Download PDF, 19 pages 16.2MB,in Chinese)

Famous People in Arts / Culture in Guilin During the War Years, Wei Hualing, pg. 527 to 532.


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