July 26 1944 Exhibition in Guiyang


Exhibition in Guiyang for charity, paintings exhibited include ‘Kunming Cartoons’ (Manhua Kunming), ‘Guilin Cartoons’ (Manhua Guilin) and numerous other cartoons. Huang Yao demonstrated his extraordinary skill of writing upside down. There were many visitors and buyers, his exhibits had great influence. The newspapers such as Guizhou Daily, Sao Dang Bao from Guilin carried reports of this exhibition as well as write ups by critics.

Source : ‘Well Known Literati that Resided in Guilin During the War’, pg. 527 to 532,

Liujiang Publishers, September 2004.

Note : Although the exhibition was at Guiyang, the important newspaper Sao Dang Bao in Guilin was also reporting about it, even though Huang Yao and wife had left Guilin for good by the middle of 1944.


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