October 1 1936: Cartoon published in Manhua Jie issue 7


China Cartoonists

(Top from left) Zhang Yingchao, Lu Zhiyang, Ding Cong, Cai Ruohong. (Middle from left) Wang Zimei, Lu Fu, Zhu Jinlou, Te Wei, Huang Yao, Zhang Guangyu, Zhang Zhengyu, Hu Kao, Lu Shaofei, Gao Longsheng,  Zhang Leping. (Buttom from left) Wang Dunqing, Liang Baibo, Ye Qianyu, Huang Miaozi.

This image first appeared in October 1936, before the First National Cartoon Exhibition which was held on November 4, 1936. The title of this image is "The Bohemian Picnic of Chinese Cartoonists on a hilltop outside Shanghai on Chong Yang Festival". The Chong Yang Festival occurs on the 23rd of October. The cartoon was done by Wang Zimei.

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Link: 'Buffoon' article by Huang Yao (1.1MB, PDF, Chinese)



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