Process of creation of Hui Neng Jie (compiled in 2001)


Images compiled by Wong E Dung, MINAMKAZE Digital Animation Studio Enterprise


I had used zhuan shu to 'write' Huineng's (a Zen master) poem, 'The Bodhi is not a tree, the mirror is not the stand, originally there was nothing, where can the dust settle', at least four times. The first piece was for my friend Prof. Huang Kai-Loo, and it was exhibited in U.S. in 1981. The second piece was for an exhibition in Singapore in 1975.

An engineer Mr. Cheong and his wife came to look at it three times and finally acquired it. The third piece was a 6-foot wide calligraphic work exhibited in the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur. It was purchased by a Miss Chen for her fiancé, Mr. Loke. The fourth piece was this 7-foot wide painting. The poem was written in red on black background, which gives it an unusual ancient feeling.

I have used this method of zhuan shu many times, for calligraphic painting. It began with my interest in epistemology and research into pictograph, where I tried using the way I write zhuan shu for writing these words of ancient scripts. Some people find it difficult to decipher the characters, so I wrote the poem again at the side in cao shu for ease of reference.

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Hui Neng JieHui Neng JieHui Neng JieHui Neng JieHui Neng JieHui Neng JieHui Neng JieHui Neng Jie



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