Early 1970s The Calligraphic Sketches of Poems


This set consists of 24 sketches. Huang Yao had progressed from single word to phrases and now to a group of words, from Tang poems, Buddhist poems and even classical literature. The first page for each 'poem' has the characters of the poem written in a column on the left-hand side of the page. Next to each of the Chinese character are different ancient ways of writing that character. The pages that follow are some possible combinations of the characters in the poem. As each Chinese poem usually has 4 sentences. They were arranged vertically, horizontally, in clutters or diagonally, which later became mixed and finally appears to be in free form. An example of a Zen poem, highlighting two methods of arranging the same sentence is illustrated below. Estimated date of work done is early 1970s.

The Calligraphic Sketches of Poems research list in chinese

01 千山鸟飞绝.....(柳宗元 江雪)
02 山中相送罢.....(王维 送别)
03 日出而作 , 日入而息 。 
...... 凿井而饮 , 耕田而食 。
04 月落乌啼霜满天.....(张继 枫桥夜泊)
05 白日依山尽.....(王之涣 登鹳雀楼)
06 君自故乡来.....(王维 杂诗)
07 空山不见人.....(王维 鹿柴)
08 床前明月光.....(李白 夜思)
09 前不见古人.....(陈子昂 登幽州台歌)
10 红豆生南国.....(王维 相思)
11 春眠不觉晓.....(孟浩然 春晓)
12 移舟泊烟渚.....(孟浩然 宿建德江)
13 苍苍竹林寺.....(刘长卿 送灵澈)
14 独坐幽篁里.....(王维 竹里馆)
15 花间一壶酒.....(李白 月下独酌)
16 一切有为法.....(金刚经偈)
17 色不异空
18 揭谛揭谛
19 菩提本无树.....(惠能偈)
20 山不在高.....(陋室铭 刘禹锡)
21 归去来兮.....(归去来辞 陶渊明)
22 千年石上古人纵.....(寒山)
23 野鸽你从何方来
24 云想衣裳花想容 .....(清平调 李白)


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