1960s The Collection of Phrases


A set of 32 pages, similar to the ‘Collection of Single Characters’ but now the characters are grouped into phrases. These phrases are of auspicious sayings, idioms, Buddhist sayings or parts of poems. Using the example of ‘wan xiang geng xin’ or ‘everything takes a new look’, is similar to examples in Item1 but with four characters forming a phrase. The character ‘xiang’ can mean shape, form, image or elephant, hence the pictographs of an elephant are present.

This collection of phrases was likely done in the 1960's to early1970's.

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The Collection of Phrases in chinese

02 如是观
03 归去来兮
04 舍利子
05 期在每醉
06 色不异空
07 觉见
08 德、善哉
09 心、念、慧、庆                  
10 求、古、难
11 真、善、美
12 晋爵    
14 象
15 龙
16 马
17 鱼
18 三羊开泰
19 吉庆鱼
20 马
21 龙
22 马
23 马
24 万象更新
25 曰月
26 龙凤呈祥 龙飞凤舞
27 马合而有精神
28 企加望则成事业 合四海为一家
29 发百射得百中
30 百子图
31 李、张、王、黄、村、周
32 刘、杨、徐、马、何、许


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