Early 1970s The Sketches for Paintings


Huang Yao chose to use his favorite phrases, a total of 51 sketches were produced, a single page per phrase. These phrases are of auspicious Chinese sayings, idioms, or parts of poems. For each phrase, different ways of writing each character in the phrase were listed.

The number of different ways to write a single Chinese character was less than the list in Item 5. It is likely that Huang Yao was now more familiar with the suitable pictographs and he selected only his favorite ones. He used human or animal figures in the pictograph form to express the meaning of the phrase.

The example chosen here is ‘bai nian hao he’ or ‘a good union of a hundred years’. This phrase is usually used for weddings. The character ‘hao’ is a combination of a woman and a man, and Huang Yao emphasized this character to express the meaning of the phrase. Likely date of completion of the sketches is 1973-1974.


The Sketches for Paintings research list in chinese

01 一日之计在於晨
02 一叶落知天下秋
03 大智慧
04 三藐三菩提
05 不是为外人道也
06 天长地久
07 日暮依修竹
08 五蕴皆空
09 立地成佛
10 世有伯乐而後有千里马
11 叫我如何不想他
12 色不异空 空不异色
13 百年好合
14 有情人终成眷属
15 百鸟朝凤
16 作如是观
17 安静
18 好读书不求甚解
19 花好月圆
20 虎虎有生气
21 虎啸
22 阿弥陀佛
23 皆大欢喜
24 飞羽觞而醉月
25 风和日丽
26 马到成功
27 卧看牵牛织女星
28 春夏秋冬
29 柳暗花明又一屯(村)
30 马鸣
31 红鸾星动
32 高山仰止
33 般若波罗密
34 葡萄美酒夜光杯
35 善哉善哉
36 喜气洋洋
37 万象更新
38 普渡众生
39 万缘丛中一点红
40 宁静致远
41 闻鸡起舞
42 壶中日月长
43 壶中春
44 醉翁之意不在酒
45 禅 波罗密
46 奋斗
47 钟鸣鼎食
48 乐在其中
49 欢天喜地
50 欢喜禅
51 鸾凤和鸣 



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