Process of creation of Fu Lu Shou (compiled in 2001)


Images compiled by Wong E Dung, MINAMKAZE Digital Animation Studio Enterprise


Ink is subdivided into five hues. ...Dry and moist ink strokes have to be performed with flexibility, resulting in an array of light and heavy, as well as thin and robust strokes. It would be ideal not to change the brush, or as seldom as possible. Experience this through the emulation of the three characters: fu "bliss", Iu "wealth" and shou "longevity" in zhuan wen "Seal Script" with diligence, preferably in the morning, and unmediated grace. Do not hesitate in applying dexterity and strength like the bamboo, to bequeath dimensionally to the scroll, only as such can the subtlety be felt, which equates the harvest of self pro-creation, a definite glee - now, this is 'fortune'.

Huang Yao, Moyuan Suibi, 1982

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