1945 Huang Yao's Article in Qingmiao



In 1945, the first issue of 'Qingmiao' (young shoots) was published, Huang Yao contributed a one page article about his thoughts of the young shoots of human’s - the children. It was written in Luzhou. Instead of his usual encouraging and optimistic cartoons for children, his writing resembled that of Buddhist philosopher who has understood life.

He mused that “life is like a lantern made of paper and bright for a short while. Like the lit rabbit lantern being pulled here and there until the ears have dropped off. Then it becomes so old that even the candle cannot brighten it. Children know about spinning tops without realizing that when they grow up their lives will spin like tops. Most amusing is that children like to play getting married. Even at such tender age, they want to act in a comedy of adult life. That is why there are so many comedies in a person's life.”

Huang Yao must have written the above after the war when he no longer needed to prop up morale with encouraging words, as the Chinese had been through 8 years of war, and would have seen and experienced enough about life to concur with. 


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