November 1 1942: About Niubizi by Liu Shukang

Source: (Chinese)

An article written by Liu Shukang in the Central Daily News of Guiyang.

I can say Niu Bizi is my old friend! I also love to learn. The lines [to draw] Niu Bizi is so simple, interesting, alive and it looks easy to learn but once I start, I feel I can not catch up, then I began to realize Niu Bizi has big space to grow, Niu Bizi has grown and matured and participates in the war resistance. We were separated for a few years,  and now (together) in the center of south western backline of Guiyang. I am immensely happy, my old friend is strong and tough. And so I am glad to urge him to have a frank talk with everyone:

The creator of Niu Bizi, Huang Yao is here to raise funds for Guiyang’s homeless, through a Niu Bizi Exhibition. I would first like to talk about Niu Bizi’s creator Huang Yao. When I see Huang Yao, I think of Niu Bizi. It was as if fated that Niu Bizi was created by Huang Yao.  Only Huang Yao can meet the criteria to invent Niu Bizi, but the cartoon Niu Bizi and Huang Yao are not exactly the same.

Before the war, Huang Yao was a journalist in Shanghai. He watched society closely, enjoyed learning and was diligent in painting. At one point in time, all the Shanghainese magazines and newspaper carried his cartoons.

Perhaps Niu Bizi was having "nose luck", lots of people praise him and envious of him. But I worry for him, I am afraid he may start to wear 'sparrow tail' suit, holding a monocle, if Niu Bizi gets westernized or poisoned by the city and he will no longer be a pure Chinese gentleman. 

The Resistance War tsunami had completely burried Niu Bizi. He is a patient, hard working teacher for the education of those in the war of resistance, a great warrior in the military propaganda.

In the battle between good and evil, Beiping has a Beijing English Chronicle, where everyday, in prominent position, there is a special column with a Niu Bizi cartoon titled "Niu Bizi says".

This puppet forgery of  Niu Bizi, which started in 1938 till present is under the protection of the enemy and is still alive.

While the real old brand Niu Bizi creator Huang Yao has followed the war resistance to Chongqing and was working hard for the liberation of the people's struggle.

This time Huang Yao's 'Chinese People in War Time', details in full our Chinese people's great, unique, humorous special quality and also introduces the Chinese in wartime's uniquely difficult life.

The contents of these cartoons are elegant, respectable and delightful, they are especially solid [in content] and deep [in meaning]. The reader's heart strings will naturally play the 'cherish and protect friendship' song together. Let those forgers listen and consider it as the sound of their funeral bell! Our Mr. Huang, our Niu Bizi, is alive, energetic, living with meaning, with value, striking on the road of hope and victory.

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