January 1 1941: The Three Talks of Niubizi


The Three Talks of Niu Bizi

‘The Three Talks of Niubizi’ was published Zhongguo Wenhua Fuwushe (China Promotion of Cultural Matters) and Huang Yao's publishing company, Minjian Chubanshe (The People's Pulbisher). Many readers had been asking Huang Yao three main questions, Why create Niubizi? How did you create Niubizi? How do you draw Niubizi?

In this book, he answers these questions.

Huang Yao had written and published the 'The Ten Talks of Niubizi' earlier in summer of 1939. The first 3 chapters of this book are of greatest interest to most readers, so Huang Yao extracted them and published them as 'The Three Talks of Niubizi'  .

Download : 'The Three Talks of Niubizi' (13 pages, in English)


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