December 20 1940: A Good Man


A Good Man

‘A Good Man’ was published by Huang Yao’s publishing company, The People’s Publisher (Minjian Chubanshe). Similar to ‘A Chinese Soldier’, ‘A Good Man’ teaches soldiers how to behave, except this book is in picture form for those who could not read. Each picture comes with a simple caption of 10 to 14 characters divided into 2 parts for easy reading. It is similar to China's comics books but the content is current, realistic and motivational. In the 163 pages, this comic book is about the true story of a beggar, joining the military and his contribution to society. 

Huang Yao strongly advocated that the Chinese do not fight Chinese but from 4 January to 14 January 1941, the National Army and the Communist Army clashed and many were killed. There is a turning point in Huang Yao's works as he stopped encouraging people to join the army. He turns instead towards praising the spirit of ordinary Chinese people and their resilience in the war, through his many exhibitions and books after this event. Huang Yao also starts doing cartoons about the local people and culture relating to his travels.

Download PDF : 'A Good Man' (85 pages, in Chinese) 

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