1942: Forging of Niubizi by Japanese since 1938


Press conference : The Real Niubizi exposes the Fake Niubizi.

From 1938 to 1943, there was an English Beijing Chronicle which published a forged version of Niubizi cartoons every day in a prominent position in the newspaper, with a special column titled, ‘Niubizi Says’.

Chen Jiying wrote, "…back in Chongqing in 1942, the International Propaganda Division of the Chongqing Government organized a press conference for the foreign journalists at the Central Library to clarify this matter. The purpose was to stop Japan from plagiarizing Niubizi and to let the international press know that Niubizi was actually in Chongqing and working against Japan."

This forgery was also mentioned in Guiyang 1942 newspapers' articles on Huang Yao's exhibitions and in the preface by Yu Songhua in the book "Chinese People in War Time".

Yao Tuo supports this as he writes that he read about the news conference when he lived in Kunming, Yunnan in 1942. Yao Tuo further provides two pieces of interesting information. First, Yao Tuo's friend and colleague, originally from Shenyang, a Mr. Wang's brother had returned from his studies from Japan and brought back Niubizi cartoons. They were apparently not pro-Japanese but critical of the Japanese occupation of China. The second piece of information was that in the year 2000, Yao Tuo met Zhang Tong, who asked about Huang Yao, Zhang Tong was Huang Yao's neighbor in Chongqing and his witness at the press conference.

The second fact was confirmed by Carolyn (Huang Yao's granddaughter) who met with Zhang Tong in 2006.

Link: An article written by Liu Shukang in the Central Daily News of Guiyang on 1 Nov 1942.

Download PDF:Preface of book the “Chinese People in Wartime” by Yu Songhua (1942) (in Chinese)

Download PDF:'Remembering Huang Yao' by Chen Jiying (in English)


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