Summer 1942 Ermei Shan


Ermei Shan

Huang Yao visited Emei Shan for the third and last time. He wrote about his experience staying in a monastery up in Emei mountains and the philosophy lessons he learned by observing its abbot. Up in the mountains he painted the 100 immortals of longevity for a solo exhibition in Guiyang later that year. He was waiting for Zheng Baolin (his future wife) who was about to graduate from Wuhan University.

In a conversation with Huang Yao’s granddaughter, Fang Cheng said that he was Huang Yao’s guide in Leshan near Emei Shan where Wuhan University's wartime campus was. He was Zheng Baolin's friend from university. Huang Yao's granddaughter was told her grandparents left Leshan together. Fang Cheng had not started doing cartoons yet.


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