September 18 1938: Discussion on New Lianhuantuhua



‘Discussion on New Lianhuantuhua’ published by Minjian Chubanshe (People’s Publisher). Huang Yao was the editor. 

Realising the importance of Lianhuanhua - folk culture picture booklet or comic books, popular among children and the illiterate (about 300 million Chinese were in this group in the 1930s), the people in media were keen to exploit this territory. Traditional Lianhuanhua had simple storyline, often with fantasies and undesirable moral values. The discussion focused on the contents of anti-aggression, educational and realism and distribution of this new version of Lianhuanhua.

This book contains 9 articles by Huang Yao 's 5 literary and 4 cartoon friends.

In this publication, there were announcements requesting stories with accompanying pictures for the 26 pages comic book and asking for distribution channels for 10 booklets to be published every month. 

Note: lianhuanhua is similar to comics

Download PDF : 'Discussion on New Lianhuantuhua' (31 pages, in Chinese) 


This image contributed by Olivia Hsu.


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