September 1938 ‘New Lianhuanhua’ series was published


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‘New Lianhuanhua’ series was published by Huang Yao’s publishing company, ‘Minjian Chubanshe’ (People’s Publisher).

Huang Yao was the editor for this series of more than 10 comic books.  These two examples, the titles are clearly Huang Yao’s handwriting but the cartoons are not. Only two of the ten listed titles have been found.

They are :

‘Revenging brother by beating the Japanese’ by Zhang Wang edited by Huang Yao published on 10 October 1938

‘Journal of Li Yazi Killing the Enemy’ by Wang Letian edited by Huang Yao published in December 1938

The ambitious announcement in ‘Discussion on New Lianhuantuhua’ of publishing 10 comic books a month did not materialized. It could be that the response to the request for sending in stories with accompanying pictures was disappointing. From the list of titles it can be seen the contributors were mostly Huang Yao's cartoonist friends.

It was also possible that this project was terminated. The reason was Huang Yao found a more simple and penetrating way to deliver the message on resisting the aggression through nianhua or new year prints. The tradition of pasting new year prints on doors of the houses was very common especially in rural areas. Thus leading to Huang Yao producing woodblock prints.


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