1938 to 1942 The Beijing Chronicle


The Beijing Chronicle

From a Chinese Government website source, from1938 to 1942, The Beijing Chronicle (in English) published Niu Bizi cartoons every day in a prominent position in the newspaper, with a special column titled, ‘Niu Bizi Says’.

Back in Chongqing, the International propaganda division organized a press conference with foreign journalists at the Central Library to clarify this matter, to stop Japan from forging Niu Bizi.

Link: An article written by Liu Shukang in the Central Daily News of Guiyang on 1 Nov 1942.

Download PDF:Preface of book the “Chinese People in Wartime” by Yu Songhua (1942) (in Chinese)

Download PDF:'Remembering Huang Yao by Chen Jiying (in English)

Download PDF:Chinese People In War-Time (63 pages, in Chinese)


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