January 1939: Huang Yao and Chen Jiying



Chen Jiying (1908 – 1997)

Writer from Hebei, China. Graduated from Harbin University in political science. 

In 1924 began to publish articles in Beiping's “Morning Newspaper”. Later, he organized the Harbin International Newspaper Association's weekly literary magazine “Pei Lei”. 

In 1928 with Kong Liosun, they initiated and established the “Pei Lei literary Community” which played an important role in nurturing writers in the Northeast of China. 

September 18, 1931 incident, he left Harbin for the south. Worked for the Postal Ministry on postal remittance and Saving Banks Board. Later worked in “Dagong Newspaper” as reporter, editor as well as correspondent stationed in Xinjiang and the Soviet Union.

In 1932 in shanghai engaged in journalistic and writing works. 

In 1935 founded “Daguang Bao”.

During the war, he was in Wuhan and Chongqing, editor of “Dagong Bao” . He was hired as a member in the Fourth National Political Conference. After the war, he was the director of the Harbin City Cultural Steering Committee.

In 1948, he was elected as member of the First Legislative Council.

August 1949, left for Taiwan. He was chairman of Central Daily News and Managing Director of the Broadcasting Corporation of China.

August 1993, member of the Guimindang's 14th session's Central Council Member.

May 22, 1997, passed away at age of 90 years.

Ref: Baidu(Chinese)


Chen Jiying and Huang Yao met in Chongqing in early 1939. For the first three years they were very close and would meet up every week or so. They would visit mutual friends such as the writer, Zhang Hensui. They kept in touch with each other until 1987 when Huang Yao passed away. It is likely that they met up in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Malaysia.

In 1980 Chen Jiying wrote an article about Huang Yao that was published in Zhuanji Wenxue, Taiwan, this same article was republished in 1987 in Dacheng, Hong Kong after Huang Yao passed away.

When Huang Yao visited Taiwan in 1980, his trip was announced in the Taiwanese newspapers. While in Taiwan, Huang Yao was persuaded to write about his friends and his experience in China. This resulted in a series of articles under Wangshi yu Guren from April 1981 to 1982 that appeared in Zhuanji Wenxue.

 After Huang Yao’s first stroke in April of 1981, he put down his thoughts about paintings which resulted in 63 articles from 1982 to 1983 that were published under his column, Moyuan Suibi in Nanyang Siangpau. These 2 series of writings are important for any scholar researching Huang Yao's life and work. 

In 1987, after the passing of Huang Yao, the first letter from Chen Jiying to Madam Huang was to ask how old was Huang Yao. This goes back to the debate of determining Huang Yao’s actual birthday. Many people assumed Huang Yao was much older than he actually was.

The Foundation has many original letters from Chen Jiying. For those who are researching this area and have interest, please contact the Foundation.


Download PDF: 'Remembering Huang Yao' by Chen Jiying (in Chinese)


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