1938 Minjian Chubanshe


Huang Yao establishes his publishing company, Minjian Chubanshe. He published at least 15 books and 4 known woodblock prints from this Publishing Company.

A good description of Minjian Chubanshe was written by Chen Yibo in his article, 'Niu Bizi in Wartime' 1942 in the Central Newspaper, Guiyang.

Chen Yibo wrote that,  "Huang Yao took upon himself the responsibility for educating the general public and teaching the soldiers about what to do in war. The publishing company established by Huang Yao, Minjian Chubanshe or People's Publishing (specializes in publishing for the public - reading material for the soldiers and common people) publishes cartoons of Niu Bizi who can be found in full military uniform deep in the frontline with the strong young men in the army; or wearing peasant clothes, deep in the villages and in rural areas, reading to them stories regarding the purpose of anti-aggression war and the education of the soldiers. So that those at the front, know how to use weapons, how to work on civil-military cooperation, how to treat prisoners of war and what to do at the eventual neutralization of the enemy, etc. In the backlines, to know a good man should join the army, work hard in farming, civil-military cooperation and so on."

Books published under Minjian Chubanshe

  • March 1938 – Roar of the Nation
  • April 1938 – 72 Japanese Aggressions in China (5 booklets)
  • September 1938 – New Lianhuanhua (comics) Discusssion
  • Likely 1938 – Chongqing in Wartime Series 1
  • October 1938-1939 – Huang Yao edited over 10 new Lianhuantuhua, storied and pictured by other cartoonists
  • 1939 – Military Door Gods, Woodblock Print
  • April 1940 – Asia in Cartoons
  • April 1940 – Europe in Cartoons
  • January 1941 – A Chinese Soldier
  • January 1941 – A Good Man
  • April 1941 – Three Talks on Niu Bizi

The following books and woodblock prints are recorded but have not been retrieved:

  • Date unknown – The Bald Headed Guerilla
  • Date unknown – Visit to the Battlefield
  • Date unknown – Red, Blue, Yellow, Black (woodblock print)
  • Date unknown – Zhongkui at War (woodblock print), recorded that over 500,000 were printed.
  • Date unknown – Gods of Harmony, Hehe (woodblock print)
  • Date unknown – A Good Commissioner
  • Date unknown – A Good Commander
  • Date unknown – Sunset at the Backlines


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