1939 Summer: The Ten Talks of Niubizi


The Ten Talks of Niu BiziRef: 1941, The Three Talks of Niubizi Introduction(Chunese)


‘The Ten Talks of Niubizi’ was published by Minjian Chubanshe. This book talked about  how to draw Niubizi. Few talks or chapters are on Niubizi's personality and how his name came about. This book was highly commended by the war-time education ministry for use in art classes in middle and primary school in China.

8 chapters were translated into Malay as the “8 Talks by Niubizi” and used in Malaysian schools from 1960s. In 1982, a Chinese version of The Ten Talks of Niubizi was published in Taiwan. The front cover has a middle age western attired Niubizi. As the original book published in China was not found yet, a comparison of the contents of the 2 books  are not possible, they carry the same title but published at different times.


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