October 27 1937: Huang Yao Leaves Shanghai


Huang Yao wrote that he left Shanghai during the last defense of Shanghai by the Chinese battalion in the Sihang Warehouse in October.  About his trip after leaving Shanghai, “First I went via Wu Songkou, took a boat to Ningbo, (to pay my respect to my mother) stayed at Chao Er Jiang for 2 days,  then left for Hang Zhou, waited for another 2 days (if it did not rain the Japanese would be bombing the area), from Jing Hang Guo Dao, I headed for Nanjing. In Nanjing, the troops were retreating from the city.  I walked in mud at night to Wuhu, was able to get on a military metalworking ship to Hankou and slept in the belly of the boat. It was cold and the ice and cold water made the boat like a fridge”.

Huang Yao got sick, he rested in Hankou for about a month before Zhang Henshui and him boarded Minsheng’s ship there. He wrote that it took them about 10 days to reach Chongqing. He was probably in this city by the beginning of 1938. The article details the many places where the boat traveled through.

Source: Huang Yao wrote about his journey with Zhang Henshui (in Chinese)


Huang Yao wrote, “I had to leave Shanghai in a hurry and secretly. It was because of my involvement with the Children’s National Salvation Society, that the Japanese were now looking for me.” In another account, Huang Yao was sent a threatening letter to leave ShangYhai.

Source: Huang Yao wrote about in his memory of Yan Duhe and his beloved son Mao Mao (in Chinese)


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