November 4 1936 The opening of the First National Cartoon Exhibition


‘Cartoon World’From right: Chen Kecheng, Lu Shaofei, Pan Gongzhan, Huang Yao, Huang Miaozi, Zhang Zhengyu


Huang Yao was one of the committee members. In the magazine, ‘Cartoon World’, Huang Yao wrote the article, ‘For the Opening of the National Cartoon Exhibition’.

The First National Cartoon Exhibition is held at Nanjing Road, Daxin Company on the fourth floor. The idea was first floated by ‘Shidai Manhua’ (Cartoons of our Period). After 6 months of preparation, eight hundred submissions, over two hundred were selected for the exhibition.

Visitors praised the works of Ye Qianyu, Lu Shaofei, Zhang Guangyu, Huang Yao, Zhang Wenyuan etc. The President of China, Lin Sen came to the exhibition on the 5th and bought a ticket with his own silver 10 cent coin. He viewed the exhibits leisurely and praised the works of Lu Shaofei, Huang Yao etc. ‘Manhua Jie’ (Cartoon World) published a special edition for the exhibition.

The exhibits will be sent to Nanjing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Xi’an, Chengdu and other places to be exhibited.




"Ticket from the exhibition" (image contributed by Eric Janicot)


"Cover of Cartoon World for the First National Cartoon Exhibition with the submissions for the exhibition".

(image contributed by Eric Janicot)


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