January 21 1988: Huang Yao retrospective commemoration article


Huang Yao Retrospective, organized by Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA). A book of articles, “Commemoration Articles on Huang Yao” (Huang Yao Jinian Wenji) was compiled and published.

Over the years, Huang Yao has donated many paintings to MIA. He once painted 30 paintings on site for their fundraising.

Upon his death, his wife, Madam Zhen donated 8 more paintings and 2 sets of paintings, ‘Mr. Fluke’ (50 paintings + 1 title) and ‘Education of a Son’ (50 paintings + 1 title). These paintings were used to establish the  Huang Yao scholarship fund for needy and deserving students and for their building fund.


Download: Commemoration Articles on Huang Yao (PDF, 51 pages, 3MB, Chinese)


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