4 April, 2011 : Visitors from Shanghai


Yang Qi, Xiao Xiaolan dna Dr. Tan May Ling

Xiao Xiaolan an Yang Qi

We had the joy and honor of hosting 2 curators from the Shanghai Art Museum to our home in KL and Singapore to view my grandfather’s works. My mom had to do a lot of preparation in extracting the paintings from the storage center to bring to our home to show our guests. We had Mr. Yang Qi and Ms. Xiao Xiaolan over and it was a lot of fun. 

It was a joy because I rarely get to see my granddad’s original works since we have digitized everything we store away the paintings and only view the digitized copies on the Mac… and an honor because it was so interesting to have experts tell us why a particular painting is good and explain what to look for in a brush stroke.

Our guests were really quite fun to be around. Mr. Yang has more ability to eat chilli than us Malaysians. He was eating spoonfuls of chilli padi! Must be the training from Szechuan food. I want to enter him into a chilli eating contest. He was also quite game to try durians and so my dad was able to find some of the really good “Maotao” durians that were in season. I am sure he would have been game to try the delicious roadside food that we have in Malaysia but I wasn’t sure I was ready to risk poisoning our guests.

Singapore Biennale

We then headed to Singapore and I am thankful again to the Singapore Art Museum and National Art Gallery for hosting them and we got a nice private tour through the Bienalle. It left a very good impression on Ms. Xiao, she was looking for Asian women contemporary artists for a show she will put on later in the year, I hope she does pick some of the Malaysian contemporary artists that we arranged for her to meet. At the Bienalle, I got introduced to the Director of the Mori Museum, someone I have wanted to meet for some time.

We added to the trip a musical, The Lion King. I really enjoyed the music and the show, I’ve already watched it twice when we were living in South Africa, I did feel like I miss Africa, the vibrant people and the beautiful land. I hope our guests enjoyed our South East Asian land.