29 December, 2010 : Thank you for your support


huang yao calligraphy 黄尧福

This is my last entry for the year. I feel like we have made good progress with this project and have met so many interesting people in and outside of China the past year. I look back and think that a year ago, I was unsure what type of reception my grandfather would receive as Niu Bizi is now 75 years old and many have forgotten him. Many also do not know of the art he produced.

After speaking at a few conference this year and meeting numerous scholars and many, many warm hearted people who want to help, I feel grateful for the interest and the help we have received to date. I feel encouraged and motivated to bring his works to be exhibited in China and I hope they will be received well.

I am excited for next year. I can hardly believe that next year 75 years ago, my granddad and his friends had their exhibition, The First National Cartoon Exhibition in Shanghai and 75 years later, with lady luck on our side, we would be exhibiting Huang Yao’s works there again.

A Big Thank You for all the support and Happy New Year!