24 December, 2010 : Roar of the Nation


I received a nice present today. A book of my granddad’s has popped up. It is a book that we were not sure was an article or a book and now it has just been sold on an auction website. We did not know that it was available for sale but have been in contact with the seller, who has agreed to make a copy of the book for us. For that I am grateful, just to see the images.

From the website we can see the introduction that my granddad wrote in March 1938, which make this book likely the first one he published upon arriving in Chongqing. Several events become clearer for me from this introduction.

1.) After reading many of his early introductions, I am still surprised when I read a new one of his voice, of an idealistic young man. I of course knew him as a mellow and loving grandfather.

2.) We have heard that he had been in prison (since my grandmom often joked she married a jailbird), well here he writes that he was a frequent visitor to the police’s political department. I wonder what that means. I wonder what they asked him. I wonder if they really put him behind bars?

3.) He does say he left Shanghai in a hurry and left all his sketches there.

4.) That reprinting books is quite an effort, Chongqing library has told us that many books of that period are brittle and Huang Yao needed to print cheap books while material was rather expensive.

We have not seen the insides of the book and do not know if it is Anti-Japanese or just the people trying to speak out. In anycase seeing this book is a lift to my spirits.