June 26 1956: Chuyun Shu presented to Lim Yew Hock (Lin Youfu)


Huang Yao’s Cartoon Exhibition will open tomorrow at the British Council. (May 29th – July 4th)

The Chinese Society will host an exhibition by the reputed cartoonist and Niubizi’s creator, Huang Yao from the 29th of this month till 4th of July at the British Council on Stamford Road (the Museum). Lasting a week there will be three main categories of exhibits namely cartoons, paintings and upside down calligraphy. These colourful educational cartoons will include: (1) Education of a Son, (2) Mister Fluke, (3) Sketches of Siam, (4) Malaya Niubizi, (5) Chinese paintings and upside down calligraphy. A prestigious event for our local art scene, with these artistic works being highly regarded and each piece of cartoon having a significant meaning along with profound humour, wit and mindfulness. Being educational they will be well loved by both the young and old. At 5.30 pm tomorrow (28th June), the Minister of Education Chow Swee Kee (Zhou Ruiqi) will be officiating the opening ceremony.

According to what Huang told the reporters, he has been in Singapore for two months. Originally he only planned to stay for three months, to allow him to study the Malay culture for his inspiration to paint a Malaysian ethnic-themed cartoon series. As he needed more time, he had requested for an extension to stay up to six months so that he can continue to gather material for his work.

In another development, the Chinese Department of Radio Malaya have invited Huang Yao for a radio discussion with their Director, Shi Zuxian, scheduled for Wednesday, the 27th of this month at 8.00 pm on AM 303 and FM 62.

The picture shows the cartoonist and creator of Niubizi, Huang Yao at the office of the Chief Minister yesterday. He painted on the spot using upside down calligraphy to inscribe the word "blessing" as a gift to Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock (Lin Youfu). Standing on the left was Minister Lim and on the right was the Chinese Society President, Li Shaomao.

Source: June 27, 1956 Nanyang Siang Pau (Nanyang Shangbao), Page 6



Huang Yao paid a visit to Lim Yew Hock yesterday

At 4 pm yesterday, accompanied by Li Shaomao, cartoonist Huang Yao met with Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock. At the meeting, Huang Yao wrote a piece of calligraphy,  "blessing" (fu) on the spot as a gift and momento to Lim. Under the word "blessing", he added a six-word phrase, offering blessings to Chief Minister. Lim was immensely grateful to Huang Yao for the gift. Lim and Huang had a short conversation before Huang took his leave.

Note: Source to be confirmed, Singapore Newspaper



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