June 27 1956: Interview about Niubizi with Shi Zuxian on Radio Malaya


Huang Yao speaking with Shi Zuxian about Niubizi on Radio Malaya

On the 27th of June at 8:10 pm in the evening, Radio Malaya will be inviting the reputed cartoonist Mr. Huang Yao to the radio station for a series of interviews to discuss cartoons. At the start was a brief introduction of Mr. Huang’s life by the Director of the station’s Chinese department, and followed by some questions to Mr. Huang:

Question: Is the name Niubizi invented by you?

Answer: No, this name already existed since the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, in the literary world there was the famous Three Kingdoms. In it, there was a paragraph that recorded: When Sima Yi and Kong Ming were at war, Sima was not Kong Ming's match, as a result he called Kong Ming a "Niubizi" Taoist. I think "Niubizi”, is a form of address that expresses the emotion of can’t cry or can’t laugh at the situation

Q: When did you started creating cartoons?

A: I started around the age of twenty years old. ​​Niubizi was not the first cartoon I created; I came up with  Niubizi when I was an editor at the Shanghai Post (Xin Wen Bao).

Q: Why did you create Niubizi cartoons?

A: I thought that cartoons have great influence and effectiveness towards education. Each year, the world publishes ten billion books of comics. I created Niubizi cartoons with this mission of education in mind.

Q: How can I draw cartoons well?

A: There are three important factors when creating cartoons. One is theme, two is technique and three is skill, the most important factor being the theme. The author not only needs to have a correct outlook on life, he also must use a skilful painting technique, in order to skilfully bring out the educational significance he wants to express.

Q: For this trip to Singapore and Malaya, do you have intentions to reside here permanently or this is just a touring trip.

A: This is my first trip to Singapore and Malaya. Whether it is for long-term residency or not, shall have to depend on the extent of the cartoon needs in Singapore and Malaya.

Q: I have heard about your works and there will be an upcoming exhibition in Singapore. When will this exhibition start and where will be held?

A: On the 28th of this month at 5:30 pm at the British Council, there will be a soft opening ceremony. It will be officially opened to the public from the 29th of June till the 4th of July, exhibiting for a total of seven days.

Q: How’s the content of the works showcased in this exhibition?

A: The cartoons part will include "Education of a Son" and "Mister Fluke", the other parts will be the traditional Chinese paintings style, and "Sketch of Siam" painted using the newly created Yunbi brushwork. Then there will be "Malaya Niubizi" which was "Niubizi" emerging as a traveller in it. This was a trip where I first saw Malaya and it’s my impression of Malaya. It is a lyrical painting.

Q: The "Niubizi" that you drew, is that you?

A: No, but we will see ourselves and others within him. "Niubizi" depicts a lot of people, is also a friend to many, "Niubizi" is the sower of human kindness.

Source: June 29 1956, Nanyang Shangbao (Nanyang Siang Pau), Page 6


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