April 2 1956: Huang Yao arrives in Singapore


Cartoonist that brought us “Niubizi”
Huang Yao, arrives in Singapore

World-renowned local cartoonist of the “Niubizi” comic’s fame, Huang Yao, has arrived in Singapore from Thailand. Making use of the local resources, he will be drawing mostly artwork that depicts the local sceneries. After which, he will hold a exhibition, showing his works including his famous “Niubizi”,  "Chongqing Cartoon", "Mister Fluke”, Colourful Cartoons, Children Education and other works depicting the Thai local sceneries from the three years he spent in Thailand after leaving Hong Kong.

Source: April 4 1956, Nanyang Siang Pau(Nanyang Shangbao), page 6.


Cartoonist with a mission in Malaya

THE MALAYAN WAY of life will be the theme of cartoon series to be prepared in Singapore by a visiting Chinese cartoonist.

Mr. Wong Yao (above), who arrived from Bangkok last week, is planning to spend a few months here in search of material to present to the world the Malayan people and scenes in cartoons.

His series, “The Newbits”, was a favourite with schoolchildren in China before the country fell to the Communists.

Source: April 10, 1956 The Straits Times Singapore


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