18 July, 2011 : Nanjing Lu, Shanghai


We’ve now been in Shanghai for about 11 days. This year the kids are attending Summer Camp at YK Pao. We have delivered the artworks to the Shanghai Art Museum and have done a shoot for the documentary footage as well as some PR work. I need to get cracking on my speech for the opening day but some Shanghai virus has got hold of my throat…

We have met some relatives and are now waiting for other friends and relatives to stream in for the exhibition. It is my 3rd attempt to be vegetarian and it’s going well, I am on to week 3 now. Hope that means I will be spared these large meals that happen here. Uncle ZRR is arranging a lunch for the descendants of the cartoonists as well.

So, on the days that the kids are not sick and are in school and stuff that we need to do… we (my mom and my aunt) get to roam around Shanghai… We have a trip planned to Suzhou (to see more relatives), just before my mom in law gets into Shanghai in early August.

We went to look for [368] Nanjing Lu in Shanghai, it was the address that my granddad put down for where kids can send in their paintings of Niu Bizi in his books done in 1930s. Well the building still exist, the frontage is a music or piano store. I think the publishing company was on the second or third store and not the ground floor, so we tried to look for a way up the building. There was an iron gate nearby and we had to kind of go round the building, then it was shut but a resident came out and we got to go in, here is a photo of the stairwell and all the mail boxes. The building was rather old and I didn’t find anyone to ask questions. 

This is a picture of an old restaurant called Gong De Lin, it opened in 1922, my grandfather wrote about meeting his artist friends here for meals, I always imagined this shop maybe nearer Nanjing Lu, but this one (which may be a branch?) was off Wukang Lu in the French Concession.