May 28 1956: Cartoonist Huang Yao's speech at the YMCA


At 2 pm yesterday, our local Chinese Young Men's Christian Association Youth Art Research Society, invited cartoonist Huang Yao to speak at Society’s Library. Members that turned out at the talk were enthusiastic. At the start was an introduction speech about Huang by the Society Chairman, Wang Runchang. Huang was next to speak after the speech.

Huang spoke in a relaxed and humorous tone, explaining the meaning cartoons. He quoted many examples, appealing to the audience.

Subsequently, they brought up a number of cartoon related problems to ask Huang. Huang answered them in a very polite way, stating that it was a mutual learning process.

Finally, Huang believed that a good piece of cartoon should have the responsibility of promoting social progress and then he painted on the spot, two pieces of "Inverted Writing". One was "Gateway to Cartoons", for the Society’s magazine cover; and the other was a "Start drawing cartoons", donated to the Society as a memento.

[newspaper source unknown] 


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