August 5 1956: Selangor San Jiang Association members celebrate with cartoonist Huang Yao


(Our Kuala Lumpur correspondent reporting on the 5th) The current trip to Kuala Lumpur by Huang Yao the creator of "Niubizi" to give educational speeches to Chinese schools, has received accolades of praises from the education sector. Huang's art exhibition will be held on the 8th of this month at the local Chin Woo Stadium. The Minister of Education, Dato’ Abdul Razak will officiate over the opening ceremony. Detailed information on the event received at press time.

In order to foster the common fraternal bond among fellow countrymen, our local San Jiang Association has specially organized a grand banquet at noon today. The people present included the press and fellow San Jiang countrymen. Ajinomoto’s Miss Wang Weili was the guest of honour. For a while, the sense of nostalgia filled the air, overwhelming the ambience.

Then the Association’s president, Lu Fuxiang delivered a welcome speech. He lauded cartoonist, Huang Yao’s artistic attainments and mentioned that with Huang’s advent, it was inevitable that his influence will transform the cultural desert of Kuala Lumpur to blossom. He hoped that Huang will persevere with his efforts, bring more glory to his countrymen and strive for success in national education.

Huang Yao made his speech in response in a relaxed tone. He explained the meaning of the San Jiang Association. He said: "San Jiang" in Shanghainese was metaphorically used to mean "to talk", "water tank" and "to shoulder". The first "to talk" is for all fellow countrymen to come together to exchange views and to mix around. The second, "water tank" represents drinking from the same large tank, helping each other in times of troubles and to resolve problems together. The third, "to shoulder", is to remind us to stay united, to shoulder the mission entrusted upon us by the times and to carry it upon our shoulders.

After Huang had completed his speech, he wrote calligraphy on the spot.  He skillfully wrote using "Dao Shu"(Chuyun Shu), marvelling the audience. Huang spent only five minutes to write the four characters, "San Jiang Same Origin", winning all acclaim. During the reception, the wine glasses passed freely among the guests. Fellow countrymen, Wang Weili, Xiao Wenying, Jiang Chunmei, Bi Huitong and others took turns to sing popular music and Beijing opera to add to the fun. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left on a good note. [newspaper source unknown]


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