July 25 1956: Lectures at Kajang in Yuhua School


Cartoonist “Niubizi” Huang Yao
Now speaking at Kajang Yuhua School
Yesterday he visited Chong Hwa Secondary school in Klang, to give speeches

Reputed cartoonist, "Niubizi" Mr. Huang Yao has travelled around Southern Malaya. Originally, he intended to return to Singapore after touring Malacca but as a result of the Federal Education authorities' invitation, he detoured to Kuala Lumpur. Although his stay in Kuala Lumpur was only for three days, he had already given speeches at SMJK Chong Hwa (Chong Hwa National Secondary School), Kuen Cheng High School and other schools. His presentations at the schools were received with rapturous receptions from students and youths at large.

His unique skill in "Dao Shu" (Inverted Writing) was often cited as a rare calligraphic skill. As for the drawing of "Niubizi", it was even more sensational. Selangor Chinese Education Superintendent, Yang Yaling and Inspection officer He Kezhen were present at his lecture in Klang at SMJK Chong Hwa last night. The local schools Hin Hua High School and Chung Hua Independent High School also participated in Huang’s lectures entitled "Life and Vitality Paintings".

He used what he saw during his tour in Malaysia such as rubber plantations and power plants as analogies in his speeches. His intentions were profound but his speeches were simple and easily understood. His parting memento to SMJK Chong Hwa was using "Dao Shu" (Inverted Writing) to write the lyrics of the school anthem. After his tour around Klang, he returned to Kuala Lumpur. He will give a speech in Kajang at SMJK Yu Hua (Yu Hua National Secondary School) this morning.


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