September 10 1944 Zhengyi Bao : Niubizi Cartoon Exhibition

Zhengyibao (Kunming) (10 September 1944), p. 4.

Feature Report: Niubizi Cartoon Exhibition Sponsored by Returned Veterans of Overseas Wars

Ministry of War, Veteran Management Office of Yunnan Province

The valiant men who have left China for duty abroad are fighting for the survival of our Republic of China and justice for all humankind. They have made their contributions in their every drop of sweat, in their every drop of blood.

When they are wounded in the line of battle fighting abroad, how shall we comfort them? When wounded and disabled, they still have aspirations and ignore government food handouts. They have learned life skills while living abroad, and intend to live by their own labor so as to repay the nation, its people, and all of humanity. So how, then, shall we comfort and repay these returned veterans?

Their spirit of dedication to serving the country is sacred!

Our Office has specially invited Huang Yao, the famous, and established creator of Niubizi, to make the long trip to Kunming, where the major works he created depicting this province, entitled Kunming in Cartoons (Manhua Kunming), will be exhibited to the public from the 10th to the 12th of this month in the auditorium of Provincial Party Headquarters. The collection comprises 100 pieces that offer discerning depictions of famous sites of the great city. Under his pen, the various local customs exuberantly foreground Kunming’s wonder, beauty, and majesty, leaving all with an unforgettable, indelible enthusiasm for the home country.

So that everyone can view another set of his famous works, Mr. Huang will at the same time exhibit Guilin in Cartoons (Manhua Guilin). Guilin, a place “better then Heaven (jia tian xia), has been playfully reworked under the deft touch of Mr. Huang’s brushwork. The entire work is inscribed with the long poem “Reciting Guilin,” with each phrase translated into image, making each painting a poem, and each poetic line a painting. Words of praise have followed it through the many places it has been exhibited in the southwest, making it particularly precious.

Mr. Huang’s artistic value has long been recognized overseas. We have initiated this exhibition for the sake of the returned veterans. They are fortunate indeed! But they are also fortunate in that completion of this work has relied upon the guidance and support of prominent members of society!

Enthusiasm from all quarters has made everything possible. Their spirit of contribution to the country is sacred as well!

On behalf of the returned overseas veterans we salute Huang Yao and our supporters.

(Translated by John A. Crespi, Henry R. Luce Associate Professor of Chinese, Colgate University)

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