April 1963: Chen Jiying photograph


The note behind this photograph can be roughly translated as...

 To elder brother Jiatang (Huang Yao’s other name) and wife with remembrance: (Photo was taken in April 1963 at mother's 80th birthday.)

We have left the country for 15 years, Half the relations and friends are immortals, Memories of rain in Bashan[Huang Yao and Chen Jiying met in Chongqing an area within Bashan, rain in Bashan also alludes to when one has to leave one’s home country]. Cannot help but shed tears quietly. Dear wife died in foreign country[She died in Taiwan]. Ambitions have been destroyed. Fortunately Mother is healthy. Am learning diligently to be virtuous like "Laizi". There is so much to tell. Han descendants are now all overseas. "Suwu" was detained as shepherd for nineteen years. When can we meet again? Let us look at our brow and hair sideburns. Who said we are old? Do not believe, can take a look. Talking nonsense in unrefined sentences, to record my present feelings.

From younger brother Chen Jiying.


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